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  • Pilbox daily dispensers

    Pilbox daily dispensers...

    ...help you take your treatment every day, quietly and efficiently. Compact and stylish, Pilbox daily pill dispensers slip easily into your bag for complete discretion.

  • Pilbox weekly dispensers

    Pilbox weekly dispensers...

    ...are designed and developed to prepare and take your weekly treatment more easily, one day at a time.

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The pil box for taking your treatment exactly as required !

An effective help to manage your treatment on a daily basis ! It is not easy to observe perfectly his treatment : various medical treatment, precise hours of taking... The risks of confusion, forgetfulness or double-doses are real.

The pill dispenser Pilbox is a major aid in observance for people that take more than one type of medication per day : modules for organizing and stocking the treatment, hand touch for people who don’t see very well, compact and easy to take in a travel trip, and a wide choice of various models...